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Peacemaker has entered our Wilmington waters

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Downtown Wilmington is currently hosting the practical and aesthetically pleasing barquentine* rigged schooner, The Peacemaker! It has been docked here in the Cape Fear River since Wednesday morning and will stay thru April 19th. Already news trucks from ABC and NBC and a fireboat spray flotilla have been spotted there, honoring the arrival of this beautiful three-master. Folks in the office have dubbed it the pirate ship and it is clearly visible from our ninth floor offices here in the Murchison Building. If you get a chance and are in town, the Peacemaker is open to the public for walk-ons from now thru April 19th. One distinctive feature of this novel and antique-looking ship that has caught our eye...the interior stained glass windows...they are beautifully intricate and fine. Also this weekend, the 5-day long 63rd Annual North Carolina Azalea Festival will be held April 7-11, 2010 downtown, including a parade and a visit by the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses.

Barquentine, a vessel with the foremast rigged square, and the other masts rigged fore and aft.

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