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"If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both." -Native American saying

From the first day I walked by Stephen's station and saw the incredibly yummy pic of the bon-bon chocolates on his screen (or at least that's what I THOUGHT I was looking at at the time..) I've been visually captivated by the progress on Stephen's workbench, of this site. I commented on how good looking the bon bon was in that screenshot with that nice cropping and bold pink, yellow and blue drizzles of icing

"Make's ya want one doesn't it?" he said.

"Is that a bakery or candystore website we're doing?" I asked.

"Nah those are doggie treats" he said. He grinned at my stunned reaction. 

Yup. Folks. Those. Are. is a doggie person's solution to not having delectable enough delicacies to pamper your pooch with.

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