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Still feeding the yellow monster?

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Times, they are a changing.  Everyday it seems that here at BlueTone we are converting a clients budgeted advertising dollars from "the book" to the web.  Yes, phone books are still delivered to your door and there are people out there who still use it as their primary source for finding a company to do business with, but that percentage is dropping, like a stone.  Just look around, you could probably make a coffee table book full of ways that people are creatively using their phone books, and I for one have not opened one in over 2 years, seriously.  Do a quick search online, really do it, you will find a trove of information on how to stop the delivery of the phone book to your house or business as well as recycling information and even groups that want to stop the mass distribution of phone directories completely.  For generations businesses have been budgeting and doling over hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for ads in the pages, even naming their businesses things like A+ yada yada or AAA yada yada, just to come up first, the book was king, but, I think it's safe to say that the reign is over.  

So if not in the book, then where should you be putting your hard earned dollars to work for you?  As always, there are several good options but it would be a total mistake to ignore the internet.  We hope that at this point you have already realized the benefits of having a web presence, it really is a must in todays world, but with more and more companies coming online everyday getting noticed is not as easy as it once was.  Not to fear, pay per click is here.  Okay, so it was a little corny, but its true, pay per click ad campaign's are not only effective but you can monitor them in real time and they are very flexible so you can change, edit and perfect them based on your results.  Ever wonder if you ad dollars are worth it?  Not with pay per click, you can see daily what your dollars are getting you, and better yet, you can test out ad ideas in small batches so when you go to spend the big bucks you have a much better idea of what works and what you should avoid.  Think you know the best key words for your company, you may want to think again.  We are always discovering new ways that individuals are searching for our clients products that our clients never thought of, and if you find a really great keyword you can plug it into you website to attract even more business and help increase your ranking.  If that wasn't good enough, one of the best things about pay-per click is just that, you only pay per the clicks you get.  Now, as in most things it's not quite that simple.  How much should you bid for your ads, what keywords should you use, how much should you pay per month?  The biggest mistake most people make in using a pay-per click campaign is that they just jump in without thought, planning or knowledge.  They end up with little to know favorable results and then the simply abandon the project or worse, keep paying for it without refining it. 

If you would like some help managing this new and powerful advertising tool contact BlueTone Media , after all we are a Google AdWords Certified Partner for a reason.  

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