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Brand New Blue for You!

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Well, we finally got tired of all of the other kids showing off their new shoes, while our own kids' feet weren't looking too sharp.  So we took some time and tried to cobble out a new web site that we hope you'll enjoy. 

BlueTone has been so busy the last several months working on some great sites for our clients that we've had to put off making our own site better.  It's been a long time coming, and we're still making the final tweaks, but we feel this is a much better representation of our design and development skills than our previous site.

As you can tell, our site has gone through a complete revamping.  We decided to abandon flash that our old header, navigation and portfolio pages relied on, and focus more using jquery and javascript, which doesn't rely on the viewer to have certain software installed and works on mobile devices.  Speaking of the navigation, we knew the blurry side nav wasn't working as well as we had hoped, and really ate up a lot of the content area, so we scrapped that and went with a simple, space-saving horizontal nav bar. 

With BlueTone's customizable blog roll set up on the home page, we can get new posts to show up automatically, keeping that page consistently fresh.  And we're going to be doing a better job of keeping the home page and portfolio page up to date and current with the latest content.

Please spend some time looking around and let us know what you think.  We're excited with the new site and hope it provides a more inviting atmosphere for our visitors.

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