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2015: New Year - Fresh Content

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As a webmaster here at BlueTone, one of the things that I hear from clients over and over again is this: "How do I rank higher on Google?" This isn't an unreasonable question since Google is regarded as one of the most popular search engines out there. Now we could analyze this question from every conceivable angle, come up with a gigantic mind-numbing list of do's and don'ts, look at the latest coding techniques, and try to become experts on Google's algorithm updates like Panda (this is a real thing by the way:, or we can just take a look at the website's content. 

Content is probably the most important thing on your website because that's what you want people to see when they visit. Site content is also what Google looks for when they calculate how a site will rank. By this point, you might be thinking to yourself, "I've written everything that my site needs two years ago. I'm set." Unfortunately that's not the case. If you visit a news website and they haven't written a new article in two years, chances are that's the last time you're ever going to visit that website. If you go to a recipe website and the last recipe was added in 2010, you would probably assume that person gave up on that site years ago. You might think these examples are too specific, but a big reason people return to websites that they've already visited is to check out new content. If you only post something up once every six months, then don't expect people to keep coming back. 


No Thin Content!


So what can you do? As simplistic as the answer may sound, give your site a little love and care. Add a new blog post, update the content on your homepage, make sure everything is up to date, and delete expired or duplicate content. Update your site content regularly and often and you'll notice a difference. These things may seem tedious, and sometimes they are, but it helps get people to your site and ultimately, that helps everyone.  


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