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Wanted: Plumber/Golf Buddy/Dinner Date/Adventure Trainer

Friendlier and easier on the ol' eyes than Craigslist, STJConnect has a space for posting everything I need to hire a plumber, buy a bike to enter the Bridge-to-Bridge Sprint Triathlon in June and finally plan to have that vase of Great Aunt Marjorie's appraised at the upcoming Antique Appraisal Festival. Which reminds me, I really need to post an announcement about the Triathlon Training Club I'll be starting. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can find a plumber who will buy the bike FOR me and then help me train for the Triathlon. Luckily there's a space on there for that, too. Later, maybe I'll settle down and look for some real estate on STJConnect over dinner at...



I've got a weird riddle for you: What's 10 feet by 22 feet and covered in hot sizzlin' meat? 

If you guessed "The new billboard for Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse! It's a delicious new restaurant which will be opening soon in Wilmington, NC", congratulations! You're a winner, and also an oddly specific guesser. If you guessed anything else, you're likely either a pervert or a very out-there kind of artist... and sometimes it's hard to make a distinction between the two.

The rumors you've heard are true; Espetus is coming, and we're quite excited about it. Have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse? It's a pretty awesome way to dine. The experience is akin to being completely buried in an avalanche, except the avalanche is meat. Short...



Whether you're starting a worldwide revolution or checking into Jimmy's Sloppy Sandwich Bonanza, I'm going to know all about it. 

And therein lies the existential crisis I have regarding Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media platforms. At what levels are they valuable? Are they really valuable at all? Do you really need to be browsing through the pictures, musical interests, and musings of tangential acquaintances? How important is it that you let everyone know how your work elevator smelled today?

Although the above is a fairly safe stereotype regarding the mainstream's use of social media, dismissing the phenomenon of social media altogether would be borderline ludicrous. Social media websites,...


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