Jimmy Honsinger

CEO, Founder

Raised in the chilly hills of the North Carolina mountains, Jimmy longed for days of warmer weather. So he took his computer skills, moved east, and created BlueTone Media. Though he now spends most of his days behind the comfort of his computer monitor, the warm glow of pixels bouncing off his pale skin, there's a fire inside of him that heats him, drives him. He strives to lead a team that creates intriguing websites, stays on the cutting edge of technology, and offers fanatic customer support. And while he possesses talents that no other mortals seem to have, it remains that Jimmy is just a man. Husband, father, son-- he is all of these things. Though here at BlueTone, he is our leader, our captain, our friend.

Brad Graham

Director of Client Relations / Creative Director

Around here, we call Brad "Hat Rack" because he wears a lot of hats in the office. Actually, that's not true, no one calls him that. But it is true that Brad tries to be well-rounded to help wherever he can. He has HTML and CSS skills, is efficient with several different design and development programs, and loves talking with BlueTone clients about getting the most out of their websites. And while he may not don a clever moniker, we do usually refer to him as a good dude.

Megan Tarble

Office Manager

For six glorious years, Megan has been the center of office communication and management for Bluetone Media. With her associates degree in Business Management, Megan has complete financial control of our company-- not saying she's controlling, but definitely not saying she isn't.

But don't let her sweet voice fool you-- she can be rather feisty on the racquetball court! The youngest of four sisters from Long Island, NY, Megan came to grace Western North Carolina at the age of 6. As a Wilmington resident for 12 years, she has gained a husband, a house, a 7 year old son and a headache. During her free time, if any, Megan often paints or spends quality time with her family, all while still finding a way to dedicate time to her borderline obsession with cheese.

Alan Everson

Art Director

After graduating with a Bachelors of Art in Graphic Design from the University of Akron in Ohio, Alan immediately began testing his design abilities working with prestigious clients like Goodyear, Firestone, and the University of Akron. With a few years of design experience in the world of print advertising and production, Alan decided to pack-up and relocate to an area with a lot more sand and a lot less snow!

Now a Wilmington resident and member of BlueTone Media since 2009, he has become our Lead Designer with a few hundred website designs under his belt, and strives to make each design look better than the last. Also while in Wilmington, he has been learning to surf and has collected way too many shark's teeth (but still gets excited every time he finds one, just like it were the first one he saw).

Peter Demaria

Web Developer / Designer

Born in Long Beach, California Peter has lived up and down the West coast in both the US and Canada, in the Midwest, and now lives on the Carolina Coast with his wife and their cat Taco. He graduated with a BA in Studio Art & Design and a Minor in French Language Studies (which may or may not ever come in handy, zut alors!) from the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

Peter enjoys burritos and long walks on the beach with his wife and friends, and is finally learning to surf after all those years of just slamming on concrete with his planche a roullettes.

Andrew Foster


Andrew Foster is a Webmaster and is one of BlueTone's fresh catches. As a Webmaster, Andrew loves interacting with clients to meet all their web needs. Andrew is an alumnus of UNCW, and when he isn't busy strengthening relationships with existing clients, you'll probably find him doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Submission Grappling at Evolution MMA on Wrightsville Beach. He also loves animals (especially pit bulls), is an avid fan of 90's hip-hop & classic rock.

Maxim Kozhevnikov

Web Developer / Designer

Maxim Kozhevnikov was born in a different part of the world – Asia, in the country called Kazakhstan, where the winter is considered mild if the temperature doesn't drop below - 25ºC (-13ºF). In his childhood, Maxim liked cross country skiing and fishing with his dad in summer and winter. Later in life, Information Technology became his biggest interest. Now Maxim is a Web Developer at BlueTone Media. He enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and son whether they're playing tennis, walking the beach or putting together giant puzzles.

Doug Socie

New Business Development

This Hilton Head Island native graduated with a degree in Pre-Med from the University of South Carolina in 2011. Being quite new to the area, Doug is the most recent addition to our Sales Team at BlueTone Media.

During whatever spare time he has outside of obsessing over watches, he often likes to come to work and then continue his watch obsession from his desk. As far as favorite beer is concerned, Doug could care less-- so long as it's beer. Or Bell's Two Hearted Ale. Either way, he's a beer enthusiast at heart.

Klinton Henry

Project Manager

A long-time lover of movies, video games and other extremely nerdy things, Klinton often spends his spare time practicing how to introduce himself as “Klinton with a K” in front of various mirrors. Happily married to his high school crush, Klinton and his wife Sarah often dote upon their adorable animal children in the evenings by the fireplace. Among them is a Yorkshire Terrier named Winston and a 20lb cat named Stewart, of which Klinton heroically rescued as a kitten from a sinister cardboard box in front of PetSmart. Okay, it wasn’t sinister. And it was a crate. A nice, clean crate. Okay, he adopted Stewart.


With a BS in Physics from ECU, Klinton has worked a number of jobs during his education from pizza flinging to hardware installation. With a peak interest to return to his hometown after college, our available position for Web Developer caught his keen eye, so he fled south with his beard-trimmer in tow. Soon Klinton was voted onto the island with our team of developers and was building websites and modifying Nerf guns in no time.

Brandon Allen


BlueTone Media's reigning and defending ping pong gold medalist hails from Cincinnati Ohio, with a degree in marketing from the University of Cincinnati. As a webmaster, Brandon makes sure that clients are happy and that all of their needs are met. He loves fantasy football, Seinfeld, and there is nobody on earth that hates LeBron James more than him.

George Dively

Project Manager

George Dively was Born in New York, traveled the world back when they still liked us overseas, as his dad was in the Air Force. George Settled in the DC area and became a part of the original indie music scene for many years with several recordings to his credit as singer, songwriter, guitarist (electric, of course!) He studied at the Corcoran after receiving an AAS in Communications Design, which started a 20-year career in Design. He's terrific at pissing people off, so George is an excellent Project Manager at BlueTone Media!

Mike Quigley

Web Developer

Mike Quigley was born in Beaufort, NC. Raised in Greenville, NC, and has lived in WIlmington for 10 years. After swimming at UNCW and receiving his Associates in Computer Engineering from CFCC, Mike is one of the front end developers at BlueTone Media. In his free time, he enjoys kayak fishing in the Intracoastal, and working with Animal Avengers when time permits. He loves his two dogs, Bear and Bailey, and has plans to get married in June of 2016. 

Our Team

BlueTone Media has been recommended as a top-rated Web Design and Development company by WebHostingSearch.com, who also provides reviews of the top hosting sites on the Internet.

BlueTone Media has been doing web design in Wilmington, NC for the past twelve years. Located in the Murchison Building in the historic downtown district, the company has multiplied in size, going from just two employees to 17 in that span. And while the company continues to grow, we still keep everything customer oriented and believe there is no project too small...or too large.


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