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Website Services

Our Services

At BlueTone Media, we understand that a business's website is the face and first point of contact customers have with the business. As such, we design websites with your customers in mind. We build and market our client's websites to improve business visibility and turn your web traffic into conversions.

Our full-service web design and marketing firm is located in historic Wilmington, NC. At BlueTone Media, we have the experience to build you a better website, whether you are a small mom-and-pop shop or a large business. Our small office environment allows us to provide a better experience for you and improves turnaround times on any questions or problems you have.

At BlueTone Media, we focus on building exceptional websites so you can focus on building an exceptional business.

Custom Websites

Custom WebsitesWhen building a custom website we want to make sure that we address your business's needs and that the design provides a great customer experience. In the day and age where nearly everyone is on their smartphone or tablet, making sure your website is usable on these devices is extremely important. A poor user experience can turn your potential customer away quickly. We build our websites using responsive design. That means your website will looking perfect whether it is being viewed on a desktop computer or smartphone. Additionally, our websites includes a content management system (CMS) that allows you to update your website with new content seamlessly and easily. This CMS allows you to update blogs, news, and any other content on to your website without touching any HTML programming. Simply type and submit the content!

E-commerce Websites

E-Commerce Websites Want to sell your products online? As part of our website design services, BlueTone Media has the ability to integrate an e-commerce engine directly into your website. This allows your customers to purchase goods and services you provide directly through your website. Our e-commerce websites are built with conversions in mind. Strong call-to-actions will help turn your leads into sales. Our platform also allows you to quickly and easily update your inventory. Finally, you can avoid costly overhead and hassles, as we can help set up your website with a merchant account, so revenue goes directly into your bank account.

Website Modules

Website ModulesBlueTone Media also offers a variety of additional standard modules to customize the website to your needs. Unlike older websites, our designs allow for a simple plug-in option for these modules so they can be easily added and removed from your website as your needs change. Popular website modules include blogs, automated newsletters/sales promotions, membership databases, and inventory galleries. The nature of these modules allow us to customize and create new ones if you are looking for something you do not see in our standard set.

Website HostingNo business can stand on a shaky foundation and similarly, no website can last without a vigorous web hosting service. BlueTone Media provides your website with high-quality website hosting on our dedicated load-balanced server. This server reserves 2 GB of disk space for your website and more space can be added if needed. Most importantly, BlueTone Media guarantees 99.9% up-time for your website so no customer has to be turned away.

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