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Why You Need a Digital Marketing Plan for Your Roofing Business

   By: Kris Gerner

Our society thrives on social media, and Millennials are purchasing more homes than ever before. If you don't have a marketing strategy that leans on the digital side, you're missing out.  

With the rise of the internet, marketing has changed. Consumer's attention is no longer on TV ads, billboards or magazines. Now customers spend their time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

So, how do you reach potential customers through digital marketing? 


Ads on Facebook and Instagram are the modern day billboard, but with far more upside. A billboard sits on the side of the road, hoping that the right people will look at it. But what happens when the people looking don't own homes? You're cost to reach people that will buy your services goes up with each passing car. 

Not with Facebook. Facebook allows you to hyper-target your audience for each ad, so the only people that see it are customers. Facebook powers their advertising platform through their huge data-mining ability. If you've ever liked a page on Facebook, they have data on you that they use to market your products and services. One of my favorite roofing companies to follow is Pyramid Roofing Company. Their content and sense of timing with currents events always impresses me.

Want to reach customers who own their home, have an income over $100k, live near you and have purchased something online recently? 

You can do that! 

The best part? The conversion rate is what drives the cost up, or down. If you create your advertisement and target the right audience who will click on it, your cost per click can be as low as a few cents. The opposite can be true though, if your ad is not optimized, it can end up costing you a $10 or more per click. 


A revolutionary new way of marketing has evolved in the past few years known as content marketing. In short, it's inbound marketing that brings customers to your business' website for other content. Content like this article, a video on home roof repair (which they can conveniently pay you for on the same site,) etc. 

Content marketing isn't easy. The key is consistency. You have to post a new article many times a month.

But it's well worth it. Content marketing can bring in more customers than you can handle! 

The old ways of marketing no longer work and the attention has moved to the digital space. Every roofing business needs a digital marketing strategy to thrive or they will fall behind. Web Design & Marketing For Roofers

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