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Content Management System

Build a Website Without Limitations

When BlueTone Media started designing websites years ago, we knew that we didn’t want to face any limitations when it came to a content management system (CMS). You see, content management systems can handle a lot of information and are the basis for all web pages, from homepages to blogs to item galleries. Because they’re so important, and because our clients are so important to us, we decided to create a custom CMS on the AMP platform that would give us absolute control.

Absolute control, huh? What does that mean?

That means you can finally make (and maintain) the website of your dreams. Without CMS, your website can be customized however you'd like it to be. That also means you'll be able to maintain your website on your own, whenever it's convenient for you. And if you get stuck, our support team is available 24/7 to give you quick answers and assistance.

What is a content Management System?

A content management system (CMS) is an application containing a variety of tools that allow for the creation, modification, organization, and removal of information from a website. All of the text, pictures, and other data on your website live in your CMS and it’s where you, and your developers, can go to edit those things.

Easily Customizable

Since our CMS is custom-built, the customization options are basically endless. We can work with you to determine which features and tools your business needs and build them exactly to your specifications. With BlueTone Media’s custom CMS, your website can grow with your company.

DIY Capabilities

Users need little to no coding knowledge in order to use our CMS. Complex changes are still probably best left to the pros but, for the most part, you’ll be able to have anyone in your company log into the back end of your website to make changes. That means you can do things like upload new pictures, change content, add new blogs or pages whenever it’s convenient for you.

Round the clock support

We start to support you and your site right away by providing backend training on our CMS. After that, we’re available 24/7 so you can get help with your website whenever you need it. As our client, we think you deserve these options whether you’re an experienced CMS user or you’re learning how to use a content management system for the first time.

Benefits of Bluetone Media's Content Management System


While there are plenty of reasons to use a custom CMS as opposed to one of the cookie-cutter options, we do have a few favorites:

  • It’s easy to collaborate with multiple users
  • Almost anyone can create new content
  • Everything on your website, text, images, etc., is stored in one, easy-to-access place
  • Redesigning your website is easier than ever
  • It allows you to create a unique website that sets you apart from the rest
  • Because we know our CMS inside and out, we can make edits faster and more efficiently

Plus, when you pair our CMS with our website hosting service, you end up with the ultimate website that’s secure and easy to use. Don’t waste time setting up a cookie-cutter drag and drop website only to waste more time getting hosting set up. Why not just get it all done here instead?

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