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Social Media Marketing in Wilmington NC

Social Media Marketing in 2024

No matter your industry, most of your target audience spends hours glued to their phone. What are they doing? More often than not, they are browsing social media. This provides you and your business a massive marketing opportunity. If your audience is already on social media, why not meet them there?

These days, most businesses — small and large — are also on social media. Nearly all are on Facebook. Some take advantage of Instagram, Twitter, and Linked. Recently, some are even gaining some traction on TikTok. Unfortunately, it’s rare to find a business that uses social media to its greatest potential.

The possibilities with social media are endless, from helping you connect with potential customers to attracting more traffic to your website. Social media also allows you to advertise your product, promote your business, and even learn more about your most interested customers. However, not all social media tactics work for every business.

That’s why we’re here — to help you find the social media strategy that’ll help you meet your business goals.

  • icon Develop Client Relationships
  • icon Strengthen Your Brand Voice
  • icon Heighten Brand Awareness
  • icon Drive Website Traffic
  • icon Provide Customer Service
  • icon Serve Ads
  • icon Foster Community Involvement
  • icon Promote/Manage Events
  • icon Highlight New Products/Services

Strengthen Brand Voice

Social media offers one of the quickest and best ways to get your name out there in front of your potential customers. Our team knows the best ways to help you build a following. And once we do that, we’ll plan regular posts that’ll pop up in users’ news feeds and keep your company brand at the top of their minds.

Let’s get your name out there!

Build Client Relationships

With a good social media strategy, you can make meaningful connections with customers online. It’s not as simple as making a post and hoping for the best. If you want to achieve social media success, you need content that really engages your followers and shows them that you are a trusted source.

Let’s build an effective social media strategy.

Boost Website SEO

Believe it or not, search engines like Google look at your social media presence when they decide your website's  search engine ranking . From boosting your social media following to creating posts your followers will engage with, our team can help you build a strong social media strategy that’ll earn you a high spot in search results.

How does SEO work? Learn more.


Which Social Platforms Should I Use?

There are a lot of social media sites these days, especially for niche groups. We believe you should only focus on the social media site(s) where your customers are engaging the most.

How often should I post?

For most social media sites, we recommend posting at least twice a week. On platforms like Twitter and Instagram, businesses that post daily see a much higher engagement rate.

How often can I post special offers and sales?

Posting promotional content can help increase sales in the short term. However, your audience will quickly unfollow if you take it too far. We recommend a 3:1 ratio for posting promotional content — 3 engagement posts for every promotional post.

Should I schedule my posts ahead of time?

Possibly. Here at BlueTone Media, we can plan your posts and schedule them in advance or we can keep our eye out for the week’s most relevant and topical posts. Regardless, we create strategic content that helps you engage new customers and control the conversation.

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