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Pay Per Click Marketing Wilmington NC PPC

When to use Paid Media Advertising?

Want to make the very most of your marketing efforts and spending? Paid Media Advertising is the way to go. Our method of Paid Media Advertising — Pay-Per-Click (PPC) — only requires you to pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.

Our team develops and executes media advertising campaigns on the platforms where your business will receive the most traction. Once we learn your campaign goals and understand the best channels to reach your target audience, we’ll develop a plan with the perfect mix of social media and Google advertising to provide the best results for your business. We’ll handle everything, from keyword research and selection to creative work to campaign set-up and management.

Want an exceptional return on investment? Some people call it ROAS. Either way, we call it a success.

The Role of a PPC Specialist

A PPC Specialist manages internet pay-per-click advertising campaigns including the strategy, design, implementation, SEO, and analysis of ad performance. It is a challenging role that is also highly sought after because it takes a unique skill set to nail a PPC campaign.

Build A Smart Strategy

Whether it makes more sense to focus your advertising on Facebook and Instagram or Google and LinkedIn, our team will build a smart marketing strategy to reach your most promising customers. We’ll consider every factor, from platform to demographics, from timing to messaging.

Get Results Quickly

PPC campaigns really hit the ground running, so you’ll see results almost immediately. Traditional marketing methods can take weeks or even months to start producing new leads. With PPC, your business will get more conversions, more clients, and more leads right away.

Track & Measure

PPC provides great opportunities to track user interaction with your campaign. Our team can track and analyze your customer response to inform further campaigns. PPC also allows us to accurately determine your ROI and exactly how much you’re paying for each lead.

Find the Right Customers

Our paid media campaigns are effective because our team researches and targets audiences that are right for your business. We customize our campaigns based on demographic factors, like age, gender, location, all the way down to what kind of device someone is using.

Benefits of PPC at BlueTone Media


BlueTone Media has years of experience running successful PPC campaigns. We’ll use targeted paid media ads and thorough analytics to help you maximize your ROI. Additionally, our team can:

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Run engaging, cost-efficient campaigns
  • Easily change and expand campaigns
  • Research, select, and optimize keyword selection
  • Test landing pages
  • Strengthen your SEO

It takes time to learn how to create and monitor a PPC campaign that's successful and cost-efficient. Why waste time and money on trial-and-error campaigns when you could let the PPC experts do it?

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