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Why Custom Software Development Is Important for Your Business

   By: Kris Gerner

Why Custom Software Development Is Important

Custom software development is important because it helps provide a unique solution to your business's specific needs - at a cost that's often comparable to popular commercial software alternatives.

Taking a look around at your surroundings and imagining a world where software was not integrated into everything we see is hard to do. The digital revolution has brought information technologies into our schools, offices, and homes. Billions are spent each year on I.T. that will make tasks simpler,  increase production and allow companies to be more profitable. In particular small businesses have taken notice and are investing more in their own custom software.

Growth Can Be Painful

Without a doubt, growth is the number one reason our clients approach us about building custom software. If your company is projecting big growth for the next 1-3 years, you need to make investments now to prevent future headaches. Investing in marketing, sales, employee training, and equipment can help with the scaling up process but while these investments are necessary that are not always the most profitable. We work with you to identify areas to improve efficacy, save time, and empower your employees to deliver quality products and services. By streamlining day to day processes, your team will be able to spend more time on generating revenue and less time focusing clerical work.

Generic Software Is like Quicksand

These days there are more options for small business owners looking to add some software to their business. Out of the box options like plugins and extensions are very affordable and sometimes free. Their one size fits all approach can be very attractive to a new business but as the company grows so will the headaches that come along with an off the self-product. When beginning a new project with a client we start with a discovery process and often times we find companies are using multiple applications to do daily jobs. The most common reason for this is the over-the-counter software is not designed to work with the applications your business uses. With a custom solution, your development team will have access to a wider array of APIs that will allow better communication with 3rd party software.  This allows us to integrate multiple applications from different companies into your system and optimize your daily workflow.

Customer Satisfaction Is The Key To Success

While you may not be able to satisfy every customer 100 percent of the time, it becomes much easier to keep the majority happy when you have great communication and fast response times. This is something every business could improve on and should continue to invest in. A deep exploration into how custom software can help you improve the customer’s experience can provide huge returns on investment. Speeding up service times, improving communication and eliminating human errors are just some of the things we can help you accomplish. Through the use of chatbots and automated survey emails, we can deliver light fast response times to visitors on your website and ask your clients how well you met their expectations.

The right solution will save time and money

Finding the right solution may sound difficult but it's actually rather simple. The best software for any small business is the one that fits your needs and grows with your business. By developing a solution in small stages you have the ability to address your companies specific needs.  The development team here at BlueTone Media is ready to assist you on your next software project.

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