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Why Do I Need a Landing Page?

   By: Hayden Jarman

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are typically standalone web pages that encourage visitors to take a particular action. Visitors normally find their way to a landing page via online ads and digital campaigns. The goal is to use a lead-capture form to better understand who is converting through your ads. 

More often than not, landing pages are used to promote specific products, services, or offers. We can also target them toward particular demographics–such as a uniquely local audience or a specific industry. With this hyper-targeted approach, you can market directly to the people who have the most authentic interest in the products and services you offer.

For example, the BlueTone Media team provides not only digital marketing and web design services for golf organizations, but we created a landing page directed toward golf associations to explain how our services can specifically help golf entities achieve their unique goals.

So, what's the difference between a landing page and a home page? Well, unlike home pages, landing pages are typically separate from your main site. While your homepage is a guide through your website, a landing page is a totally different tool for your digital marketing tool belt.

Why use landing pages?

Higher Conversion Rates

A landing page attracts customers who are most likely to be interested in a specific product, service, or offer and encourages them to take action. Landing pages see more conversions because there is a clear, top-of-page call-to-action (CTA) and targeted messaging tailored to the needs and pain points of the target demographic.

Lead Generator

Speaking of conversions, landing pages are also great lead generators. Presenting website visitors (i.e. future customers) with some kind of offer for their email address is a GREAT way to gain new leads. Through landing page forms, you can also learn more about the demographics of your prospects and determine how engaged they are with your brand.

Improved Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an important part of any business’ strategy, and landing pages are an excellent way to increase brand awareness. By ensuring the style of your landing page is consistent with your brand, you will make it easier for prospects to remember who gave them a free service or product! Plus, if your branding is consistent across all platforms, you’re more likely to keep engagement with emails.

Localized Content

When you create a landing page, you typically need to have a very specific target audience in mind. Landing pages are a great way to tailor your message to a specific audience and connect with them in ways you may not on your main website. Not only is this effective for drawing in potential customers and capturing their attention, but it uniquely positions you to build customer loyalty.

What makes a good landing page?

Offer-Focused Lead-Capture Form

This is perhaps the most important feature of your landing page. The lead-capture form is where prospects will enter their information. You want to give your prospects something for converting on your landing page–whether a coupon code or a downloadable eBook. The possibilities are endless–and relatively cheap! And it’s one of the best methods you can employ to capture prospective customers.

A Strong Headline

The first thing prospects will see when they land on your landing page is the headline. You want to have an engaging and compelling headline that encourages your prospect to continue scrolling the page. For the most effective headline, try to answer a question with your headline–like “What will prospects who convert receive from us?”.

SEO-Enhanced Content

Like all digital marketing efforts, you need to make sure your landing page copy is strong, gives prospects the information they are looking for, and includes relevant keywords (of course, without overdoing it). Not only should your body text be optimized for search engine results, but your header and footers should be as well.

Provide a Thank You

We all like to be appreciated, and your prospects are no different. Show them they mean something, and have a thank-you message ready to go for when they fill out your form. Not only do they get something for free, but they get thanked for it too!

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