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The "Online" World of Jim Carrey

   By: Alan Everson

For fans of comedian Jim Carrey, people who like flash animation or someone just looking to see one of the most graphically-intense sites on the web, this one is for you!

If you want a website to help promote your company or have a place for customers to come and easily navigate through, this would not be the approach to take.   On the other hand if you are an actor like Jim Carrey, overloaded with personality, bizarre behavior and a resume that includes films such as The Mask , The Truman Show and his most recent boxoffice release A Christmas Carol, this site is nearly perfect . Compiling   characters from previous movies   with multimedia landscapes and strange sounds all tied together with some of the most dynamic flash animation that you’ll find, it’s almost too surreal of an online experience to even explain.   Visit and take a look for yourself.

Also, keep an eye out for the rocket used on the home page. Coincidentally we used the same clipart graphic in a flash animation for the header of

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