Megan Tarble's Picture

For over a decade now, Megan has been the center of office communication and management for BlueTone Media. With her Associate's Degree in Business Management, Megan has complete financial control of our company. We’re not saying she's controlling… ok she’s a little controlling.

But don't let her sweet voice fool you-- she can be rather feisty on the racquetball court! The youngest of four sisters from Long Island, NY, Megan came to grace Western North Carolina at the age of 6. As a Wilmington resident for 14 years, she has gained a husband, a house, a 9 year-old son and a headache. During her free time, if any, Megan often paints or spends quality time with her family, all while still finding a way to dedicate time to her borderline obsession with cheese.

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