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BlueTone Media has been recommended as a top-rated Web Design and Development company by WebHostingSearch.com, who also provides reviews of the top hosting sites on the Internet. BlueTone Media has been doing web design in Wilmington, NC for the past twelve years. Located in the Murchison Building in the historic downtown district, the company has multiplied in size, going from just two employees to 17 in that span. Check our Bluetone Media Jobs Page for our current listings. While the company continues to grow, we still keep everything customer oriented and believe there is no project too small...or too large.

Jimmy Honsinger

Jimmy Honsinger

CEO, Founder

Raised in the chilly hills of the North Carolina mountains, Jimmy longed for days of warmer weather. So he took his computer skills, moved east, and created BlueTone Media. Though he now spends most of his days behind the comfort of his computer monitor, the warm glow of pixels bouncing off his pale skin, there's a fire inside of him that heats him... drives him. He strives to lead a team that creates intriguing websites, stays on the cutting edge of technology, and offers fantastic customer support. And while he’s as handsome as any other superhero and possesses talents that no other mortals seem to have, the fact remains that Jimmy is just a man. He’s also a husband, a father, and a son. Here at BlueTone though, he is our leader, our captain, and our friend.

Brad Graham

Director of Marketing

Around here, we call Brad "Hat Rack" because he wears a lot of hats in the office. Actually, that's not true, no one calls him that. That would be weird... But it is true that Brad’s skill set is extremely well-rounded and that he’ll pretty much always drop whatever he’s doing to help wherever he can. He has HTML and CSS skills, has some mad marketing skills, and is efficient with several different design and development programs. He’s also really good at coming up with puns, which comes in handy puntimes. Ha! By far, one of Brad’s favorite parts of his job is talking with BlueTone clients and helping them get the most out of their websites. And while he may not don a clever moniker, we can definitely call him our buddy, our pal, and an all-around good dude.

Brad Graham

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