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About the Client

This client is the perfect example of how fresh designs and PPC ads can work. At the time of the site development, they were a new company in the service industry looking to find their ideal clients and wanting to get their brand out there to their local community. Their site was designed and developed by BlueTone and launched in May of 2023.

This client decided to start PPC ads in January of 2024. As of April 2024, the client asked BTM to pause ads because the workload was so abundant and they needed to hire more employees!


  • Researched keywords to identify relevant search terms for their PPC campaign.
  • Developed a thorough PPC campaign focused on raising the awareness among the Anonymous servicing area to make sure their ads reached their ideal clients.
  • Implemented decisive ad scheduling to display ads during peak hours for maximum visibility and engagement.
  • Regularly monitored the campaign performance to adjust biddings for cost-effectiveness.

Key Outcomes

This client was not prepared for the immediate influx of new clients. Through the implementation of Google Ads the client reached their ideal clients who in turn have given nothing but 5 star reviews.

From January to March

  • Impressions          5,341

  • Google Ad clicks    485

  • Google Ad CTR    9.08%

Yucaipa Valley Real Estate

From January to March

  • Impression Share    18.26%

  • Top of Page Rate    80.91%

Yucaipa Valley Real Estate

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