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Increased traffic to the main Services page by 25.30% Year-Over-Year

Carolina Flooring & Roofing

Key Outcomes

Increased traffic to the main Services page by 25.30% Year-Over-Year.

This huge increase was due to our Re-optimization of the page to include the specific locations that the company services. After we changed the targeting to meet those needs, the traffic shot up - confirming that we made the right decision.

Got the site ranking on Page 1 of Google for all the highly-searched "Sample Phrases" listed below.

This was the most straightforward SEO task but was key nonetheless. It involved creating a dedicated page for each phrase, optimizing the page's H1 & Meta tags, and then finally building links to the page from highly relevant sources.

Increased the overall conversion rate of their Contact Form by 71.41% Year-Over-Year.

Again, we did this by specifying their service areas, as well as adding “trust signals” near the form - including a 5 star Google review image.

Increased the overall Sessions by 23.53% and overall New Users by 14.18% for Organic Traffic Year-Over-Year.

This was a result of the previously mentioned meta tag optimization, as well as better targeting the overall content on the site.

Results Pre-SEO & Post-SEO

SEO Case Study | Carolina Flooring & Roofing

As you can see in the graph above, there is a clear distinction in the keywords this site was ranking for pre-SEO & post-SEO. Before we started working on the site in April of 2020, it ranked on the first page of Google for 2 keywords. Within the first few months, that number was up to around 6 important keywords on page 1.  This has resulted in tons of new traffic to the site.

SEO Challenge

To provide an SEO Program that would raise the Carolina Flooring & Roofing website to Page 1 of the Search Engine Results Pages for Wilmington NC flooring & roofing related searches, competing with larger local companies such as Excel Roofing & Flores & Foley.

Sample Phrases

  • commercial flooring contractors wilmington nc
  • roof repairs sneads ferry nc
  • roof insurance wilmington nc
  • best floors for high traffic areas
  • laminate flooring sneads ferry nc

SEO Services & Strategies Used

  • Performed keyword research to find the terms with the greatest search volume related to our SEO focus ideas. Generated a list of the top 10 terms to focus on getting to the 1st page of Google.
  • Performed competitor research to reverse engineer their most successful SEO tactics, to see what mistakes we could avoid, & lessons we could learn from them.
  • Optimized all Meta Information (Page titles, H1 tags, Meta-descriptions) to be SEO friendly, so that Google can better understand the content of the site.
  • Fixed 404 errors we found indexed across the web.
  • Wrote SEO friendly blog posts targeting our "top 10" list. Updated existing copy for the same purpose.
  • Created an updated XML Sitemap for the site, so Google can better understand the site's structure.
  • Went through existing content to find & take advantage of internal linking opportunities. Performed outreach to get other local companies to link back to the site.
SEO Case Study Wilmington NC Rentals & Real Estate


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