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SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study Wilmington NC Rentals & Real Estate

Key Outcomes

Increased Google Organic traffic by more than 400% since they started working with us.

We began the project by building out area specific landing pages. We created a custom content marketing campaign and used a targeted link outreach approach to add SEO value to the new pages.

Increased Contact Forms Filled out by more than 500 per month. Increased Contact Forms by 62%.

We created a custom quick contact form that prompts visitors to complete after 3 seconds. This increased our contact form completion rate by 132%.

Results Pre-SEO & Post-SEO

SEO Case Study | Wilmington NC Rentals & Real Estate

As you can see in the graph above, there is a clear distinction in the amount of organic search traffic the website has accumulated during our SEO campaign. Before we started working on the site in 2013, it only ranked for a few keywords. Within the first few months that number grew exponentially and today the site ranks for 6,400 + keywords.

SEO Challenge

To provide a comprehensive Digital Marketing Program that would raise the RGXRims website to Page 1 of the search engine results and generate new sales qualified leads.

Sample Phrases

  • bent wheel repair
  • mobile rim repair
  • repair damaged rims
  • chrome rim repair
SEO Challenge | Wilmington NC Rentals & Real Estate

SEO Services & Strategies Used

  • Performed keyword research to find the terms with the greatest search volume related to our SEO focus ideas. Generated a list of the top 10 terms to focus on getting to the 1st page of Google.
  • Performed competitor research to reverse engineer their most successful SEO tactics, to see what mistakes we could avoid, & lessons we could learn from them.
  • Optimized all Meta Information (Page titles, H1 tags, Meta-descriptions) to be SEO friendly, so that Google can better understand the content of the site.
  • We wrote SEO friendly content landing pages targeting our "top 10" list. Updated existing copy on pages for the same purpose.
  • Created an updated XML Sitemap for the site, so Google can better understand the site's structure.
  • Went through existing content to find & take advantage of internal linking opportunities. Performed outreach to get other local companies to link back to the site.
Wilmington NC Rentals & Real Estate

We created several custom software solutions for RGXRims, including the Text-A-Pic Estimate builder and the Custom Color Rim Previewer.

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