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Full-service, solar-specific marketing & web design that wins customers & gives you a competitive edge!

The True Blue Advantage

When you choose BlueTone Media, you get a team of committed marketing and web design experts who are dedicated to meeting your specific goals.

We don't simply give our solar business clients generic website templates and stagnant marketing strategies. Our team works hard to provide innovative solutions tailored to your company's needs.

Convert More Customers

Marketing & Web Design that attracts the right kind of people at the right time

In the solar industry, generating leads and securing customers is not as simple as creating an advertisement and waiting for the results. In our experience, the most successful solar campaigns rely on strategic timing and audience targeting.

To maximize the ROI of your marketing efforts, you've got to do target audience research and tailor your marketing initiatives to the needs and pain points of your ideal customers.

Fortunately, our marketing and web design team makes it easy for you! By conducting thorough auidence research and incorporating proven targeting techniques, we help our solar clients generate meanginful leads that will turn into customers.

Convert More Customers

Why Work With Bluetone?

When you win, we win.

5 Stars
Kristen Yow

"I have been fortunate enough to have worked with BlueTone media with a couple of companies. They are always so helpful. I would recommend that any company in search of great IT work and service to call BlueTone. Phillip you are awesome and thank you for all of you continued help."

5 Stars
Elisabeth Scharf

"We have been working with BlueTone Media for ten years now and can't imagine working with anyone else! They are always available to make changes to our website. They keep us in line with modern day appearances and NEVER tell us "NO"! From the front desk to the developers, everyone is helpful and professional."

5 Stars
Beverly Ward

"I have worked closely with BlueTone for years, and I am consistently pleased and impressed. BlueTone makes their clients feel like a priority. My needs are addressed quickly and efficiently. I continue to have positive experiences with their support and management. I highly recommend BlueTone and value my relationship with them."

Generate Meaningful Leads

Generate Meaningful Leads

You can't afford to waste resources on leads that get you nowhere

Tired of spending your time and money on leads that just don't seem to pan out?

Wish there was a better way to maximize your ROI?

Our solar lead generation methods have proven effective time and time again. With our strategic targeted approach, our marketing campaigns will lead the most interested clients directly to your website.

And once we get them there, your website will be so engaging and easy-to-navigate that they'll just HAVE to choose you as their solar installation company.

In Our Experience — Solar Digital Solutions

Tried & True Solar Website Design & Marketing Services

In the past, solar companies have come to us with low Google search rankings and goals to outperform their competitors.

In turn, our team provided exceptional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that:

  • Brought their website onto Page 1 of Google for relevant search terms
  • More than doubled the traffic to their Contact Page
  • Boosted the time people spent on the Contact Page by as much as 5,000%
  • And gave them an edge over the competition

Ready for proven, game-changing results? Let’s get in touch!

Outperform Your Competitors

You've got to stand out somehow — we've got the resources to make that happen. 

Not only does your website and marketing content need to be captivating and engaging, but it also need to be unique and give you an edge over your competition.

But that's easier said than done.

Luckily, the BlueTone team has lots of experience creating websites and marketing for companies in ultra-competitive industries — like the solar power industry. We're not a "think inside-the-box" sort of company; we are constantly coming up with innovative strategies to help our clients stand out among the crowd.

And frankly, you deserve a company that goes above and beyond for you.

Outperform your competitors
Designs that engage & convert

Our Marketing Process

Roadmap to Success

Roadmap to success
Roadmap to success

01 Laying the Groundwork.

  • Goal Setting: Defining where you want to be.
  • Onboarding: Setting up analytics tracking and connecting all accounts.
  • Ideal Customer Identification: Doing research to find your ideal member, and more importantly - where we can reach them.
  • Researching the Competitive Landscape: Identifying all other options your target customer has besides your company, so we can offer them more - to make the decision to work with you a no-brainer.
Roadmap to success

02 Casting the Net.

  • Targeted Campaign/Content Creation: Taking what we learned during our research phase to create ad campaigns and website content that pulls in your ideal customer.
  • Monthly Campaign/Content Conversion Optimization: Reviewing what’s working best every month - and using that information to optimize your content and campaigns to attract even more of your ideal customers.
Roadmap to success

03 Blasting Off.

  • Testing for Growth Opportunities: Incorporating all of our findings into creative strategic test campaigns - which can unlock whole new growth and revenue opportunities you may have never imagined.

Ready to start winning customers?

Our team of web design and marketing experts is eager to help you accomplish your business goals. The first step? Tell us what you need. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How will BlueTone help my solar company stand out?

Establishing a memorable brand is essential to business growth, but it can be challenging without the right ingredients.

Over time, our team has developed the perfect brand-building recipe, including a mix of thoughtful web design and development, expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, classic paid advertising, and smart content creation and promotion.

At BlueTone, we use an integrated marketing approach, incorporating all the best techniques to most effectively achieve YOUR business goals — because, at the end of the day, that's why we're here.

Can BlueTone help me generate the right kind of leads?

Of course!

We know how challenging it can be to track down meaningful leads. If not done properly, solar lead generation can take WAY too much time, money, and resources.

With our smart marketing strategies and targeted lead generation practices, we can help you pull in the most promising leads — the ones that are ready to purchase and install your solar panels.

Does our lead generation integrate smoothly with any CRM?


From our marketing strategies to our website framework, our team works to integrate our efforts with our clients' existing CRM software, whether you use Salesforce, name it!

Ultimately, we're not here to make your growth more complicated — it's our goal to make it simpler and smoother.

Is our web design and marketing content engaging AND educational?

You betcha!

To maximize your ROI, your website and marketing need to establish you as an solar industry expert and captivate potential customers. Fortunately, we have the expertise to make that happen!

Day-in and day-out, our designers and content creators work hard to produce website and marketing material that's both useful AND motivating, building your credibility AND driving conversions.

What marketing services do we offer?

At BlueTone, we take an integrated marketing approach.

That means we incoporate the perfect blend of web design and marketing initiatives to achieve your specific business goals. That also means we don't limit our work to a single medium.

From web design and development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements and social media marketing, we'll only suggest the services that will be effecive for YOU. No matter the marketing content you want — whether digital, print, or totally out-of-the-box — we're the marketing family for you!

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