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Website Design For Certified Professional Accountants

In today’s economy more and more business is moving off the streets and online. The old adage about business being about location still holds true, even on the Internet though and that means having a quality website domain and a quality website to be housed there. This is as true for Certified Public Accountants as it is for any small business owner. Like the foot traffic of old, the approachability of your online presence can be a major deciding factor between success and failure.

Why Do I Need A Website?

Many professions, CPAs included, tend to think of a company website mostly in the sense of e-commerce or making sales online. While this is definitely a large portion of business sites, most are actually just landing pages that can provide information, pricing structures, office hours or a multitude of other information. When this is added to a professional, responsive website it can add a level of professionalism that instill the type of confidence that CPAs need to project.

Imagine walking into an accountant’s office on the street corner and the waiting room was in disrepair, the receptionist was on personal phone calls and all of the magazines were out of print. Without a well thought out, planned and executed online presence this is the level of professionalism you are projecting but in front of the entire world instead of just one city block.

A quality website made professionally instills confidence and provides a level of professional heft that is needed to stand out among the crowd. More and more people are searching a business’s online presence before deciding to enter into a business relationship and that will only increase with time.

What is a Responsive Website?

We’ve moved beyond desktop computers to the point where most traffic is through phones, tablets and other devices. That’s a lot of different devices looking at your website! In order to ensure that the devices render your website correctly, it’s becoming more common to use Responsive Websites that can display differently depending on what device is viewing it. There are no more cut off menu buttons, graphics that don’t load, forms that can’t be filled out or even issues viewing your entire website. Now, whether the website is viewed on a phone, a tablet or even the trusty desktop computer your website can be viewed in a way that is beautiful, logical, functional and professional.

In order to succeed in business and especially as a CPA, it is required to have a professional, functional, responsive website. Adding functionality, user engagement and other bells and whistles can only attract new customers and bring in repeat business. It is an expense that pays for itself time and again.

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