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The New Logo

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So this is my first post for our new design. I'm going to do a couple of these posts talking about the new design and some of the processes that went in to creating it. In this post I'll be talking about the new logo and how it came about.

First I'll start with the old logo. This was created prior to me being hired at Bluetone Media. It was a great logo and has been used from the very beginning of the company. It represents a person with technology swirling around them. The idea is that Bluetone Media knows the web and how it works. While working on the new site design we also wanted to change and update the logo.

We wanted the new mark to reproduce a little better in one or two solid colors as well as work quite small. After playing around with a few shapes and combinations we arrived at the new logo mark. We created a two color version for print and tshirt purposes as well as a "shiny" version for the web and other media. The shapes basically have two ideas behind them. The first is that they represent a lowercase "b". The other is that they resemble leaves. This is to represent the growth we have had over the past few years as well as the growth we can provide a business with a new website or redesign of an old one. We are really excited about the new logo and have slowly been putting it on some of our promotional and print materials. It is now a great and shiny part of our new site design.

For those of you interested, the logo was created in Illustrator and the "shiny" version was produced in Fireworks. Thanks for reading and next time I'll be talking about some of the custom icons we produced for the site.

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