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What do we LOVE about working at BlueTone Media?

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To celebrate Valentine's Day, we asked our BlueTone Media team what they enjoyed most about working for our clients as a part of the BTM team.

This is how they responded: 

Lucy — "I love working at BlueTone Media because we value our clients like they are part of our team. And we value our team!"

Brad — "I love building meaningful relationships with our clients, while working with a great team that gets the job done and has fun while doing it!"

Adam — "I love working here, as I know each sale has an impact on each and every one of my coworkers. So, not only am I coming to work every day to provide for my family, but I know as I get BlueTone more clients, we all grow together."

Jimmy — "I love how we can solve problems creatively as a team."

Kurt — "I love the challenge of elevating small businesses."

Agustin — "There are a few things I love...

  • The wizards I relate to on a daily basis, each one with different magical powers.
  • Being part of a big puzzle and being trusted.
  • And the challenges!"

Maria — "As the newest member of the BTM family, I have felt very welcomed. Ryan has been very patient with all my questions! I have enjoyed getting to know "how things work" and can honestly say I have learned something new every day since I was hired. I come to work and go home with a smile on my face! I am looking forward to all the new things coming my way in my role as the Project Support Specialist."

Jeremy — "I love the sense of comradery. Everyone looks out for one another, and we all have each other's back to help when in need :)"

Ryan — "I enjoy being part of a team where everyone tries their best, cares about each other, and likes to have fun too!"

Terrell — "I like working with good people and solving interesting problems."

Kris — "I love working with a diverse client base. I get to help small businesses in various industries grow their online presence."

Lillie — "I love the interconnected nature of my role at BlueTone. As a Content Creator, I get to work closely not only with clients but with almost every one of my awesome coworkers. I love the ability to work as a team toward our shared goals!"

Daniel — "I love what I do, so it makes work much easier and fun. BlueTone allows me to work at my own pace so we can put out a good product and keep learning new things."

Hey clients! Have you had a good experience working with the BlueTone team? Share your experience with us on social media or in a Google Review!

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