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Learning some new skills

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I learned to draw in the computer using a wonderful program called Freehand. Sadly when Adobe bought Macromedia they shoved Freehand off the boat with cement shoes, never to be heard from again. Since then I have been forced to learn Illustrator and have for the most part made the transition pretty easily. There are still some things Freehand did WAY better that I hope will be integrated when we see the new CS4 next Tuesday. So today I decided to do an Illustrator tutorial and show you my results.

There are some wonderful tut sites out there but few are designed as well as . I highly recommend this site and the others it the Envato family.  I decided to try this tutorial:

And here is my version. I really tried it for the scatter brush aspect as well as the gradient stuff. I also added a halftone I found on . I think it turned out all right but I learned some good techniques. See ya next time.


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