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Ecocential Energy

  BlueTone Media Your services and recommended solutions drastically reduced our utility bills."-Peter Z.

With its elegant pastel colors and airy sun-washed scenery, suggestive of the solar energy powering our globe, this website feels like a quiet, relaxing visit to park bench at a lake, feeding birds. Even the text-color and background (a grey-green) contribute a peaceful sense to visiting this site and reading the content within.

Ecocential Energy wants you to reduce your energy bills by letting them come audit your establishment, then guiding you through energy-saving improvements to your home or office building ...things such as occupancy sensors that can automatically dim lights and route chilled/heated air away from vacant rooms in it that aren't being used.

This website projects an earth-friendly image that cooperates nicely with the company's ethos, reducing our energy needs and utility demands reduces our footprint on the planet. One nice feature is a marquee of scrolling energy tips...things such as, ceiling fans should rotate counter-clockwise in the summer...halogen bulbs create enough heat to start a fire, increasing cooling costs...

There's enough expertise in the " about us " page to persuade a curmudgeon. Still feeling skeptical about energy reduction as tree-hugging conservationism? Don't take my word for it, visit this site for yourself and make up your own mind about energy audits and hiring an outside consultant...Ecocential speaks for itself.

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