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Step up for Soldiers

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So of cours step up for soldiers e I wasn't surprised to have this blog assignment assigned to me. I am married to a Marine, so who better to write it than someone that can appreciate an organization that is focused on helping those of us that are in the military - or in my case married to the military. Sounds funny, but everyone warned me - when you marry a military member you are in it almost just as much as they are. You have to go through deployments just like they do, but instead of being far from home you are longing for the next time you get to see your Marine, Soldier, Airman, Sailor or Coast-guardsman.

Organizations like Step Up For Soldiers is one of the ways deployments or any other type of separation from your military member can be easier. They focus on the member and their family while they are gone and while they are home. All around - they are focused on helping those to serve our country. And speaking from the life - it is greatly appreciated. Go to and learn about all the great things they do for our service men and women!

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