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Crystal Blue Pools

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Oh farmers, pray that your summers be wet and your winters clear. -Virgil


As I sit in the tenth day of a Summer heatwave in our fair city seeing this azure sparkling pool water makes me want to dive off that diving board! Look Blue Pools at these kids splashing around in that cool water... Dang it cools me off just imagining myself in their place. I'm jealous. This site has lots of blue in its palette but there are passages of orange and green as well. From the photos the colors that complement the blue of the water are greens of grasses and orange that comes from the tint of the soil in some of the construction pictures. Its a subtle color gizmo but it has an inviting impact like a liquid warm toffee.

One nice thing to observe about Crystal Blue Pools 's website is how much generous construction information that it conveys. A homeowner contemplating a swimming pool in their backyard has to be curious about what it involves as far as heavy bulldozers, tearing up the garden, having a new sidewalk and slab to mow around, etc. [For instance that cool picture of backhoe sitting by pool in the gallery page]

From the motto "let's go swimming!" to picture's of the owner and beautiful pics of finished swimming pools and happy kids splashing around and having fun, this blue-toned website sure makes a splash with me. Crystal Blue Pools is on facebook too.

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