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J Sacchetti Construction

  BlueTone Media ...very good experience working with Sacchetti Construction. They were always on time, told us what would be done daily, cleaned up all the time at the end of the day and..."-Bill & Marie O'Kane

With its new elegant pastel hues and spot use of bright colors suggestive of the stuccoed white walls in brand new homes, this website feels like a walk through a clean-scented crisp new model home in a subdivision ready for occupants. There is an electric yet serene sense when you see Jules standing there holding blueprints like he's ready to build another startling, smashing home and he's more than man enough to do one for you, the minute you visit his site and sign up for a build with him.

J.Sacchetti Construction wants to build a modern, energy efficient, luxurious home for you or someone you know. They have the beautiful pictures of large homes, flowing walkways, shiny fixtures, features and craftsmanship details that one would demand of a builder of fine quality homes.

This homebuilder website is going to please you with the content it provides and impress you with its thoughtful wonderful testimonials from previous satisfied home buyers that went with them. Check them out at [just remember Ess, ay, double-c, hache, ee, double-tee, aye]

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