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Planet Earth Remediation

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Research has come a long way since I was in college, leafing through endless journals and really bad photocopies. No more dusty-looking web pages no sir, just clean and concise content, and all in one place.

 "The availability of iron is known to exert a controlling influence on biological productivity in surface waters over large areas of the ocean and may have been an important factor in the variation of the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide over glacial cycles. "
- Planet Earth Remediation, " Southern Ocean Iron Enrichment Experiment"

So begins our foray into the realm of Ocean Science, courtesy of Planet Earth Remediation, and (depending how you feel about such things) a strong statement on what might be done about climate change. My science being a little rusty, I'll let the article speak for itself. Needless to say , the research is well presented, and jam packed with glossy graphs and charts. To top it all off a printer-friendly PDF is available right from the start, so you won't lose a thing, not a single foot note or sparkly chart.

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