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Michael Matters Inc. Software for Lawyers, Law Firms and Legal Agencies Sophisticated Lawyer software is thrilling and engaging to a very select audience probably and something, uhhhhh, less so, for the rest of us. Having that thought in my head, I intrepidly entered this site and began to look around. I sought and found something with a little more appeal to a more general audience, and hence this assignment became less of a challenge. What if I were to inform you that Domestic Custody, Management, and Visitation matters as well as child support, spousal engagement and other matters are covered in the software list? I might begin to get more of you to open your eyes to the rest of this short blog about a website named Parents can document what they each have contributed in the formative years of raising a child if software like this was more well known. But obviously this is but an example among many, of the software offered within.

Abacus, Amicus, Time Matters, pc Law and other legal-sounding titles exist in the catalog and the ecommerce shopping cart takes pay pal, visa, master-card and american express. In Addition to software vendor, David Michael, is your Certified Software Consultant with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to support the installation, maintenance and service of these very sophisticated 

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