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What are Your Most Important SEO Keywords?

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Before Bluetone can put a single piece of your search engine optimization plan into motion, we have to have a plan to start with. And usually, the first step in that direction is figuring out what your most important keywords are.

Unfortunately, this seemingly-simple concept is where a lot of business owners trip up.

Here’s why: they have read in books, or heard in seminars, that the way to sell products and services online is by having enough people find your website on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and then making the right offer to them. Since you can’t have sales without traffic, it makes since to pick the “busiest” keywords – the ones that will attract the most traffic – as the ones to concentrate on, right?

Not exactly. The most-searched keywords usually underperform for two reasons: first, because you’re competing against dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other business owners just like you who decided to focus their time and attention on those same terms and phrases. And secondly, because the most-searched keywords tend to be very general in nature, they convert at very low percentages. Put another way, people enter them into search engines because they don’t yet know what they’re really looking for – not exactly the picture of an ideal buyer, is it?

A better strategy for your business is to focus on keywords and phrases that indicate that the searcher is looking to make a purchase. These could be brand or product names, model numbers, or even prices… just so long as they indicate a need, rather than a simple curiosity. The best keywords aren’t always the ones you think are the best, or most popular – they’re the ones that can bring interested buyers to your website.

If you need some help making sure your SEO plan is as efficient as it is effective, contact BlueTone today to see how we can help you improve your positioning on Google, Yahoo, and Bing… not to mention your bottom line.

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