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How Much More Should You Pay for a Great Web Design?

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Bluetone Media  is a cutting-edge Web Design company; providing everything from Web-Hosting to top-tier Web Design services.

Very often, the process of finding a web designer, or web design team, to work on your business site isn't all that quick or easy. First, you have to identify some likely candidates who you are sure can handle a project like yours. Then, you have to interview them, look at samples, check out references, and sort through a stack of bids and proposals.

Usually, by the time a prospective client has completed this process, they have a good idea of who they want to work with. But, it's not unusual for them to wish they could have the very best designer, only at lower price. And so, the question we occasionally hear is not whether you should pay more to work with the good designer (you should), but how much more it's worth?

The answer to this question depends a lot on whether you are currently looking at one of our proposals (just kidding). Really, the best answer we can give is to do what you would do in any other situation – think about things from a bottom line perspective.

You have a rough idea of how many visitors come to your website every day, week, month, and year. Considering that you are likely to upgrade your site again in a year or two, go with a 12 or 18 months figure. Now, try to figure out how many additional leads or sales your site might generate with a better look and feel. Be conservative, but run through the math. More often than not, it's going to make sense to make the investment in quality.

So, to answer the question at hand, you should pay what it takes to get the website that's going to be the most probable for your business. Since we don't know your company, we can't tell you exactly what that figure is. What we can let you know, however, is that the business world is full of clients who wish they would have made a smarter long-term choice the first time around… so no matter whose proposal you're looking at, or whatever numbers are at the end of it, try not to end up in that category.

Great web design makes a difference, and it’s probably more affordable than you think. Contact BlueTone today to get a quote on your next business web design project.

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