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Hear at BlueTone helping you grow your business is our passion but to keep doing that, well, we have to continue to grow ours too! We have enjoyed many years of consistent growth here at BlueTone and would like to first thank all of our dedicated customers for sending referrals our way day in and day out, we couldn't have made it this far without you and you can pay us no higher compliment, so thanks! Many of you have seen Jimmy out in the community raising the companies awareness and shaking hands with fellow business owners and wide eyed entrepreneurs. If you haven't yet, we can't wait for you to meet our newest member Adam who will be making the rounds at a networking event near you. Adam joined the team to help us grow and can be heard half jokingly telling anyone who will listen that he plans to have all who drive over the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge oohing and ahhing over the BlueTone logo that will be glowing atop the Murchison uhhh,(BlueTone) building. Adam brings a wealth of experience from several sides of the sales and marketing world and is very eager to help bring all of the talented individuals BlueTone has to offer together to help our current and future clients grow. So please feel free to give him a call or hunt him down in person if you have any questions, and don't worry, if he can't answer them he has a direct line to Jimmy who can ;).

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