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I've Seen the Light

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...and it looks glorious!  Google Reader has simplified the way I check my favorite sites.  It's a handy little RSS sorter that really helps you rifle through all of your sites and be more efficient on the web.  Just being able to go to one area to see everything is fantastic.  You  can simply click what you want to see - all of your subscriptions, just ones from a particular site, just those that have been recently updated.  Perfect.  I've found myself subscribing to more RSS feeds now than I used to (okay, I never actually subsribed to any before Google Reader), because I can easily see what's fresh from each of them and go on to the next item.  If I want to read more, I can just click and go to the actual site.  So it's introduced me to some really great sites that I normally wouldn't have known about, like (an awesome site that lists all of the best deals on the web), Script and Style (a nice little site for web developers) and my new personal favorite, Life Hacker (making everyone more efficient with little tutorials, secrets, and better ways to do things).  Of course, I also can check on my Carolina Panthers and also see what the latest Woots are, all in one nice little location.  Check it out.

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