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Forgetting Something? When Your Design is Finished, the Important Work Begins…

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Bluetone Media is a cutting-edge Web Design company; providing everything from Web-Hosting to top-tier Web Design services.

Most business owners and other prospective clients, when they are checking out web design firms, tend to take a fairly one-dimensional view of the process. That is, they think about what they would want out of a new site design, talk to some possible vendors, and then look at their samples.getting the most out of your work can be a challenge

If they are especially astute, they might ask some questions like: how long would a new site take? Or, how much will it cost? But rarely do we ever hear a question that you would think would be incredibly important: did your last few clients make more money from their websites? We bring this up because these days, a great web layout is only the beginning. Once it’s completed, launched, and working the way it should, you still have to start with the hard work – online marketing.

It’s possible that you could hire someone simply to design your site and either take it on your own from there, or hand it off to another online marketing company… but why? Not only does that duplicate a lot of your work and expense – you probably can’t market as well as a specialist, and you don’t want to pay another company just to get up to speed with your business – but it also makes everything less effective. That’s because the best designs are imagined, built, and coded with a marketing plan already figured in. They don’t have to be configured or tweaked to help you bring in new customers, because they were put together from the first pixel with that goal in mind.

If you’re simply shopping for web design companies, without any thought to online marketing, search engine optimization, and the other critical things that have to be handled for you to make money from your site after it has been launched, then you might be forgetting something important.

If you need help turning your web design project into an online marketing solution, make an to talk with BlueTone soon.

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