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An Easy Way to Keep Online Buyers Coming Back

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Imagine that a new, exotic restaurant opened up a couple of blocks from your home. You don’t know anyone who has tried it yet, aren’t familiar with many of the items on the menu, but want to give it a try. Would you start out by taking an important business client and trying a whole bunch of expensive dishes right off the bat?

a great location goes a long way

Neither would your customers.

To the people who haven't done business with you yet, or are just trying you for the first time, you are an unknown quantity. Even if they know the products you sell, or tried a similar service in the past, they have no guarantee that you are going to do what they expect you to – or even what you said you would. In other words, they don't know if what's on the menu is actually going to appear on the plate in front of them.

For that reason, returning customers tend to be several times more profitable than new ones. These are the buyers who are already familiar with you, your prices, and your policies, and so they feel comfortable placing bigger orders. With that in mind, doesn't it make sense to attract as many of them as possible?

Successful business owners know that it does. And so, we'd like to offer a tip that will help you double, triple, or quadruple the amount of return buyers your website generates: don't just sell people what they want; include what they are likely to need later.

This could mean a lot of different things to different businesses or industries. For someone who sells electronics, it might mean bundling an extra connection cord or power strip; for a company that sells shoes, it could be an extra pair of laces in a different color. What you send along with your customers purchase isn't all that important – the fact that you've shown them you want to make their lives easier it is. We live and work in a competitive atmosphere where lots of businesses, especially the bigger ones, are doing everything possible to cut costs and see what they can get away with not including on new purchases. By breaking away from that mold, and giving that extra little bit, you make it easier for people to return to your online store again and again.

Giving clients more than they expect is at the heart of everything BlueTone does. to see why we’re your best choice for web design and online marketing.

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