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Inspiration comes from all over the place.  My beautiful wife inspires me daily to do the dishes and the laundry (although she more often inspires me to lounge on the couch with her and let the messes pile up).  A lot of our clients are very inspiring with fresh ideas and innovative ways to run their business.  But with design, sometimes the inspiration doesn't come so easily.

Lucky for me, I'm a pretty good spot because SME does 99% of the initial designs, and that guy is wicked creative, so I get to ride his talented coattails and expand on what he comes up with.  What I do is design the pages based on his template and the content the client provides.  My job is more about coming up with creative ways to lay that content out and trying to make a fresh looking contact page.  I have collected several web sites in a bookmark folder I call...well, "Inspiraton," naturaly.

I'm not going to go into detail about those sites, because there are loads of great design sites on the internet.  There are a lot of really good places to go for creative coding solutions that I also visit.  And if I get super stuck, we have an account at (ah, what a well used hyphen in that domain name!), where handy solutions come quickly. 

So if you ever need some inspiration for whatever you're working on, I suggest hitting up the internet and doing a little bit of research.  You'll be surprised how many people have helpful advice or great ideas, and you'll end up with an even better final product!

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