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Odyssey Fire Protection of Wilmington

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Bluetone had the pleasure of putting together a new website for Odyssey Fire Protection here in Wilmington. We showcased Odyssey's unique services and emphasized their commitment to quality Fire Protection systems for everything from museums to residential homes.

Odyssey Fire Protection LLC was founded on the idea of incorporating old school principles and training techniques with technologically advanced methods and modern equipment. They constantly train employees on the latest code updates, safety practices, and learn cutting edge technologies and methodologies to stay on top of the industry.

They offer design, fabrication, installation or repair of all types of fire suppression systems, 24-hour emergency service & NFPA 25 inspections. Their friendly, professional, unique approach to providing service has helped them to earn a reputation for excellence. They get the job done with a smile and you can rest easy knowing your cherished lives and property are safe and sound. Kind of how we like to do things at Bluetone, though thankfully the internet is a little less flammable..

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