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Angela Batchelor

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Reputations aren't simply manufactured,

They're earned. Angela Batchelor is an excellent example; she garners acclaim widely and quickly wherever she goes. A 20+ year resident of Wilmington, Angela's intimate knowledge of the area is but one of many skills which allows her to be a step ahead of others in her field. With a professional yet friendly demeanor, Angela and her team (or as she likes to refer to them, her "flock") can execute the process of selling or purchasing a home with a seemingly effortless precision. They take pride in their work and guarantee a wholesome and satisfactory transaction, no matter the type. Angela Batchelor's combined skills for business and networking make her an unbeatable choice for selling or buying a home.

BlueTone Media has put together a particularly nice looking and feature-rich site for Angela's broad array of needs and purposes. It's full of different kinds of searches, interactive slideshows, virtual home tours, contact forms, and more. Check out her page to see some of our handiwork and experience Angela's professionalism firsthand!

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