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Let's talk about convenience.

How many people do you know that enjoy texting? Nearly everyone these days sends text messages on a semi-regular basis, and it makes sense. They're a clear, concise, and convenient way to communicate bits of information between individuals without hassle or excess, and My Text Info takes this idea to the next level.

Made particularly for vehicle marketing but usable for a variety of purposes, it allows car salespeople to tag bits of code onto a product (such as a scrap of paper which says "text this number for more information!"). When a potential customer sees a product they are interested in, they simply text the corresponding code to that number and receive further information such as model, year, mileage, Car Fax history, and more. In a world increasingly fixated on instantly accessing information this can mean the difference between selling or not selling your product.

For merchants, My Text Info offers the benefit of also gathering the phone numbers of those interested in your inventory. It's like a 24/7 salesperson standing beside each and every single item in your inventory. Check out their website for more information regarding their services and potential uses of this system.

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