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Chris Vonderau

Moved to Wilmington after a few years of practicing law in Ohio, and he's glad that he did. Apart from the joys of escaping Ohio's notoriously dreary weather, Chris and his wife, who works as his paralegal, enjoy the South for its laid-back lifestyle. When he's not enjoying the beach, shooting pool, rollerblading, or lifting weights, he just also happens to be one of the most competent lawyers in Southeastern North Carolina. An expert in criminal defense, personal injury, traffic offense, DWI, and bankruptcy cases, Chris Vonderau has the know-how, experience, ability, and resources to make sure his clients receive a fair trial.

The offices of Chris Vonderau treat every client personably, with respect and on a first-name basis. Chris Vonderau has been licensed in North Carolina since 1998 and has overseen countless cases. They are also technologically adept, employing advanced computer systems and resources to most efficiently organize, research, and process their cases. The offices of Chris Vonderau are located directly across from Hoggard High, putting them in a centralized and easily accessible Wilmington location. For legal expertise and assistance, or just to see the work we did on his website, click here.

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