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Cloud 9 Designs began as a direct sales company which sold their hand-made jewelry to customers via home parties and personal consultations. With a keen eye for detail and a resourcefulness which allowed them to attain premium-quality silver, freshwater pearls, natural stones, gold-filled beads, and Swarovski crystals, Cloud 9 earned a reputation as purveyors of particularly breathtaking wares. They grew quickly, expanding their product lines to meet growing demand in the process, and now offer not only jewelry but hand=made home decorating accessories such as wire-wrapping, vintage silver and bottle slumping items as well. How can a small, self-started jewelry and accessory company succeed so quickly? Quality.

BlueTone Media operates in much the same way; we both use high-quality materials (in one case silver and pearls, in another case cutting-edge web design and programming techniques), we both apply a level of detail to our work which surpasses that of the competition, and we both create one-of-a-kind items which are tailored perfectly to the needs of the customer. Both companies are self-started and have risen partially in thanks to a keen sense of detail. In all endeavors, be they creative, menial, or mechanical, a detailed and meticulous approach makes all the difference on the competitive market. Thanks to Cloud 9 you can apply that level of craftsmanship to your home and self...and with a little help from BlueTone Media your website can hold the same advantage. Check out their site here to experience the simple navigation, high-quality detail, and smooth user interface which makes the latest Cloud 9 Designs and BlueTone Media collaboration such a win-win.

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