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Viewpoint Screening

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How well do you know your employees?

Be them past, present, or future employees, it's hard to know the history and tendencies of your staff just from the workplace much in the same way that it's hard to judge a book by its cover. We've all had a friend who, after years of supposedly close familiarity, surprises us with some large transgression...human nature is, at the end of the day, nigh impossible to pin down. However, with Viewpoint Screening on your side you can at least get a solid foundation of information upon which to base your human resource assessments, and that can make all the difference for the integrity of your workplace.

Viewpoint Screening has a large number of resources available to them; public criminal records, credit reports, even data that can be accessed under the Patriot Act. From drug abuse to past crimes to healthcare fraud, you can get a complete picture of the trail (or hopefully lack thereof) that your current and potential employees have left behind. Viewpoint Screening also offers drug testing services, allowing you to tightly monitor your employees' behavior and screen those who have been acting suspiciously or unacceptably. By offering the complete suite of histories regarding your staff, you are afforded a better point of view regarding the nature and behavior of your workplace. Check out their site and see what Viewpoint Screening can potentially do for you.

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