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The Electronic Dog Nose

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Bed Bugs.

Horrible, horrible bed bugs. There's been a recent rash of them across America, most notoriously in New York City. It's really hard to make a positive argument for bed bugs unless you're a fan of tiny, nearly impossible to find monsters which suck your blood and cover you in excruciatingly itchy bites as you sleep. Bed bugs have a reputation for being frustrating and pervasive, often to the point that people find themselves simply throwing their infested mattress and/or furniture. A thorough scrubdown of your house can help remove bedbugs and save your furniture from the dumpster, but first you have to find the little bloodsuckers...for most people, this is no small task. Bedbugs, only 3/16" long, have extremely flat bodies which allow them to hide in the tiniest of nooks and crannies.

Luckily, The Electronic Dog Nose is designed specifically to seek out bed bugs. By mimicking the way a dog's nose works, The Electronic Dog Nose detects bed bug pheromones and finds where they're hiding. What takes experts an hour or more to do can now be accomplished in under 15 minutes with The Electronic Dog Nose. And let's be honest, if there are bed bugs hiding in your house you want to get them out of there as soon as possible.

Check out The Electronic Dog Nose's new site to see BlueTone Media's newest slick design and read more about the technology behind this device.

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