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Island Classic Interiors

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Impulsive people beware.

Island Classic Interiors

Island Classic Interiors is a notorious haven for spontaneous buyers and collectors of knick-knacks...and with daily shipments of new unique specialty furnishings and decorations, it's little wonder. What started as store owner and founder Lynne Carr-Wiggins' passion for interior design has turned into a furnishings and decoration shop gone wild, in all the best ways. Island Classic Interiors boasts a collection of truly one-of-a-kind goods, hand-selected from shows across the country by Carr-Wiggins herself. When not scouring the earth for its best and most interesting goods, Lynne and the good people at Island Classic Interiors can be found around the shop, obviously enjoying what they do and exploring the store's seemingly endless troves.

After 22 years in the custom home construction field, Lynne Carr-Wiggins founded Island Classic Interiors in order to put her home decoration skills to good use. However, shortly after its foundation the store began to take on a personality of its own, eventually morphing into something as wild and unique as the wares within. While still offering interior design and home decoration services, Island Classic Interiors has become an all-in-one store for all things decorative, rare, and fun.

With such a large and varied plethora of goods, it's hard to categorize Island Classic Interiors beyond "awesome" or "definitely worth checking out". And since Island Classic Interiors is all about finding diamonds in the rough, we decided to go ahead and make them one of their very own. Check out their fresh new site, explore the photo gallery, and see their unique offerings for yourself.

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