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OK Go and Google Team Up

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Personally, I don't really associate "HTML5" with rock and roll.

But that's not stopping Google, OK Go, and dance troupe Pilobolus from taking mind-bending advantage of next generation's markup and its amazing capabilities. It's difficult to explain to any non web-tech-savvy individual as to why HTML5 is exciting (trust us, it is!) but this visualizes HTML5's potential perfectly. You must be using Google Chrome to watch the video, but it's more than worth the download...even if you never use Chrome again afterwards (although you probably should.)

Watch as browsers expand and shrink, wander around the screen, multiply, cascade and contract, and carry dancers across your monitor. The best part? You get to type in a message, which becomes part of the video. OK Go has been notorious for viral music videos since 2005's "Here We Go Again" and they just ... won't ... stop . Nor should they; each has a distinctly homemade, creative, and organic feel which provides a refreshing change from most music video fare.

With such creativity, determination, spirit and innovation, it only makes sense that Google would select them to partner up on this project. Rounded out by the excellent dance troup Pilobolus , this video has to be seen to be believed. If you want to watch it yourself and experience your message dancing(literally) across the screen check it out here and get ready to have your perceptions of internet browsers and content blown out of the water. Remember, this video may work in whatever browser you are using, but it was optimized for Google Chrome, which you can download here . Let us know what you think about this video, and if you have any questions about HTML5 you should ask us.  We're happy to geek out with you.

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