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How to Save Heroes

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Okay, first off, saving the show Heroes is probably not even possible at this point.  It seems to be on an irreversible downward spiral, similar to a toilet being flushed (although, nowadays most people are comparing the show to the contents in the toilet).  If the show is to have any shot at getting back to it's glory days (which did some point...I think), it's going to have make a lot of changes.  Some drastic.

1. Kill some of these Heroes, already. 
Quit introducing new heroes and other lame, stereotyped characters every week. Let's get rid of speedy, blonde girl (and wait, is she super strong, too?  She keeps carrying all of these people clearly weigh more than her.  Lame), HRG (once an awesome character, with a lot of depth; now just a shell of his former self), and Mohinder (lizard man is one of the most hated character's in the BlueTone office).  I'm all for getting rid of more major characters, too, but maybe first trying the next fix wouldn't be a bad idea...

2. Further develop some of the main characters.  Not many of these heroes are very likable anymore.  The cheerleader snarls 95% of the time she is on the screen - maybe that's why her nickname is Clair Bear.  Sylar keeps acting like Mr. Nice Guy, only to repeatedly pull a Lucy and yank the football out of Charlie Brown's path, revealing he's still a blood thirsty psychopath.  We need to focus more on these once standout characters and make them people we care about.  Introducing new characters and plot twist every week does not help us out.

3. Try some new style.  Take a page out of another NBC show, "Friday Night Lights" and make it look more like a film than a tv show.  I think a gritty look and maybe some handheld camera work would be really awesome.  Anything you can do to make superheroes seem more real can only help. 

4. Fix the lame dialogue.  Cheerleader girl actually said in tonight's episode "If he can find you at work, he can find you any where."  Whaaatt?!?  Ohhh, HRG knows where you are for 9 hours a day, five days a week, so he is totally going to know where you are when you aren't working, too.  I don't get that correlation at all.  I think if you make the show have that gritty, real like feel, you'll naturally get more natural dialogue.  SME says one of the original writers is coming back.  That could definitely be a good thing.

I know these are probably pretty obvious things that would improve the show, but I'm just so ready to give up on it.  If only I could convice my wife to do the same. 

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