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Nourish NC

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Access to food isn't something we should take for granted.

Particularly not with childhood hunger on the rise in our very own community. Harsh economic and family situations can render youth the most vulnerable and helpless victims of situations which lie far beyond their control; in fact, for some children school lunch is often the closest they can get to regular, consistent nutrition in an otherwise uncertain life. These uncontrollable circumstances heavily influence children's nutritional intake, which in turn affects their ability to perform healthily in and outside of the classroom. Poor nutrition can cause serious health conditions for children, and it can also prevent them from physically and mentally developing to their full potential.

Nourish NC was founded as a direct response to this problem. It was founded in 2008 by a group of concerned parents who were shocked to realize there were children at their school who went hungry on the weekends. Nourish NC started as a simple backpack program for these 20 students, but within a mere two years it had become a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Nourish NC now serves weekend meals for over 190 kids in New Hanover County, as well as providing additional meals during during winter and summer breaks.

This kind of inspiring success is what motivates charities and well-wishing organizations of all types to carry on in the face of massive budget cuts and withdrawals of funding and support. By giving disadvantaged children access to adequate nutrition, Nourish NC is helping ensure they have a better, healthier future ahead of them. If you'd like to see how you can contribute to their cause, or if you just want to see their brand-new BlueTone Media designed site (it's a nice one! very simple and colorful) you can check them out here.

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