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Ideal Pillow

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Do you hate sleep?

If so, maybe stay away from this blog post, because you might find an arch-nemesis in Dr. Mark Hooper. A 25 year veteran of chiropractice, Dr. Hooper noticed that some of the most common complaints amongst his patients regarded sleep deprivation, insomina, sleeping difficulty, sleep comfort issues, and so on. The procedures and therapeutic pillows which Dr. Hooper offered as alternative treatments for these problems provided some relief, but every case was so unique to the individual that Dr. Hooper could never find a satisfactory treatment to address the broad range of sleep concerns with which he was confronted.

Then he had a revelation...what if each pillow was constructed specifically for its owner? A few years of investment and research led Dr. Hooper to creating a system of pillow customization based on determining factors such as the age, weight, gender, and preferred sleeping positions of the user. This pillow was incredibly comfortable, did wonders for spinal alignment, and helped its users sleep more soundly. In short, it was an ideal pillow. Or, The Ideal Pillow.

The Wall Street Journal loves it, the people who use them love it...why not give it a shot? In creating their website, BlueTone Media constructed an attractive, simple interface with smooth navigation and an intuitive layout for the information. What's more, the pillow construction process is now entirely online. This pillow building app is so easy and interactive that it's almost fun (actually, it kind of is fun). It's also optimized for mobile use and looks beautiful on an iPad. Check out their new site when you get a chance, play with the pillow builder, and look around to see if an Ideal Pillow could help you rest more soundly.

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